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Commonly Used Power Tools in Custom Home Painting Services

Painting an entire establishment is an exhausting task. But there are property owners who still opt to do this task due to the fun and excitement it brings. If you want this task to be done in a lighter and faster way, using the necessary power tools is a must. Custom home painting tools can now be purchased online or at the nearest hardware store. If you want to know these painting power tools and how they are used, stay on this page.

Pressure Paint Sprayers

This is the most common painting power tool carried by painters. Unlike a regular paint spray, this tool does not pump the paint on the bucket. The main use of this tool is to provide painters with accuracy and precision when painting walls and ceilings without traces of paint drippings.

Stain Applicator

Property owners who love DIY projects know what this tool does. It helps the residential painter apply the paint or stains on the decks, balconies, and porches timely and efficiently. This tool also prevents slouching or bending for a long period of time, preventing back injuries in the long run.

Telescopic Spray Pole

Using this tool eliminates the risk of falling due to the frequent use of the ladder when painting the ceiling and moldings. Most custom home painting experts use this tool when painting hard to reach areas of an establishment. The spray gun has a removable valve and tip that can also be transferred to another pole without turning off the spraying system.

The painting power tools listed above provide results that will exceed your expectations. TPC Painting Services is the painting company you can rely on when it comes to professional painting services for establishments in Apex, NC. To know our rates, give us a call at (919) 548-1040 today.