If Walls Could Talk

Choosing the Right House Wall Painting Colors

Before you even lift a paint palette, look around your home and take inventory of the permanent features of your home and take note of prominent features. Do you have dark stained-wood floors, exposed beams, or a brick fireplace? Are you planning to make any permanent changes in the near future? The hue and tone of all these elements should be strongly considered before you move forward with your house wall painting project.

If you are doing a total renovation or first time painting a room, start with choosing the furnishing first. Furnishing is generally more expensive. It’s okay to walk into your design process knowing that you want pops of color, but choosing your paint color should be the last step in your design process. First, find inspiration for your room—be it in a family painting or a textile you love. Select your fabrics, furniture, and major accents first, and then consider how they all come together. Is there a hint of yellow in your botanical-print fabric that you want to pull out? Is your stained-wood table darker than you realize? It’ll be too late to chime in on these details if the painting was your first step.

Another thing to greatly consider is the “continuity” of spaces, that if you have a series of rooms in your property. Most mistakes people make when doing house wall painting are not considering adjacent rooms and how the room works as a whole. The colors in your home—especially on the same floor—should have a cohesive palette and should complement each other. Likewise, if you have accent walls, a painted staircase, or a statement-making ceiling, those should also all complement each other. Pull together swatches for each and ensure that they jibe.

Lastly, stick to the neutral shades but it also means not avoiding color all together. Color is good, but you have to first decide where you want the attention in a room to go. If your answer is the walls, then heck, go bold. And if you go bold on the walls everything else in the room should be pretty neutral so that you don’t end up with too many things competing. This is why bold color in a bathroom can work so well because most everything else in a bathroom is already neutral (white).

The above-mentioned are just generally accepted ways on how to choose the shade and painting your home’s interior. House wall painting, ultimately is the owner’s prerogative and whatever suits your taste, do it!

Painting jobs can be done by yourself however, if you are not the type of homeowner who is willing to go on doing it, hiring the professionals is the best option for you. In Apex, NC and the surrounding areas, TPC Painting Services is your trusted name when it come to house wall painting. Call us at (919) 548-1040 for inquiries.