Painting According to Your Specs

Wonders of Hiring a Custom Home Painting Professional

Custom home painting can create something beautiful, unique, and unforgettable. More than adding a fresh coat of interior paint, custom painting can make your home stand out. Whether it’s a mural in a nursery or a combination of metallics and faux finishing in your living room, custom painting makes your space special.

Attention to details that most homeowners and casual painters miss.

In fact, really good painters—the kind of people whose work meets the quality demands of an expensive luxury home— are nothing short of obsessive. They spend unbelievable amounts of time prepping surfaces, following a multi-step process that includes sanding, masking, caulking and filling, then priming, sanding, and caulking and filling again before they even think about applying the finish coats. The final appearance has as much to do with all this prep work as it does with the paint.

Professionals stick to products that are proven over years in the field.

They also have the experience to know which ones work best where. They understand the differences in sheen and coverage between different products, as well as what kind of surface each covers best and in what environmental conditions. They also know how to mix paints in the right quantities, what additives to use, how to make crisp lines at edges and intersections, and how to create even looks over multiple surfaces.

The use of high-quality tools.

There is an overwhelming number of choices in rollers, brushes, and spraying equipment, and it takes experience to learn which ones will provide the exact look the homeowners want, whether that’s a traditional brushed finish or one with a glass-like sheen.

Finishes that look great and stand the test of time.

Due in part to the careful preparation and right materials, a finish applied by a skilled painter will last much longer before it needs painting again, which of course lowers the long-term cost.

Building your dream home is a feat of a lifetime and making it appear more appealing through the use of paints is very important. In Apex, NC and the surrounding areas, TPC Painting Services is your trusted custom home painting professionals since 2018. Call us at (919) 548-1040 for inquiries.